Railings - regulations

Construction Law places certain requirements as to the need for handrails. Piece of legislation currently in force in this respect is Ordinance of the Minister of Infrastructure of 12 April 2002. On the technical conditions to be met by buildings and their location.

In accordance with article 296 external and internal staircase, designed to overcome a height exceeding 0.5 m shall be provided with railings or other protection from the open space. When it comes to residential single-family, homeste- and individual recreation condition previously mentioned shall be considered satisfied even if stairs and ramps up to a height of 1 m, not having balustrades, are mutually wider compared to the door or passage, which leads, at least 0.5 m.

Indoor and outdoor stairs in public buildings should have railings or handrails boards, allowing left- and right-hand their use. With a width of a flight of stairs greater than 4 meters are required to use additional intermediate rails.

Moreover, according to article 298 railing of the stairs, ramps, balconies and loggias should not have sharp-edged elements and their design should ensure the transfer of horizontal forces, as defined in the Polish Standard on Fundamental loads of technology and workmanship. The height and filling the vertical planes should provide effective protection against falling people. Glass balustrades elements should be made of glass with increased resistance to impact, breakable into small, blurred fragments.

The Regulation sets out the dimensions that should be met and height clearances or openings in the fill railings, as in the following table:

If the building is expected to collective being of children without continuous surveillance, railings should have solutions that prevent climbing on and slipping down the banister.

At railings or walls adjacent to the ramp, which are designed for the movement of people with disabilities, there is a requirement to use double-sided railing, located at a height of 0.75 and 0.9 m from the plane of motion.

Handrails of the stairs and ramps should be separated from the wall on which are mounted at least 0.05 m. On the other hand rails with external staircase and ramps, prior to their beginning and for the end to be extended by 0.3 meters and completed way that will ensure safe use.

Railings separating different levels in sports halls, theaters, cinemas, as well as in other public buildings should ensure user safety also in case of panic. A reduction vertical part of the railing to 0.7 m provided to supplement it with an upper horizontal portion with a width giving including a vertical portion dimension of at least 1.2 meters

Glass wall

The basic functions of the glass wall is separate rooms inside the building. Glass walls can be block the fire and have a certain acoustic and thermal insulation.

When it comes to matters of enforcement they may be taken as full or glassed. In the case of glass walls their design is mainly based on steel and aluminum flanges.

According to Directive 89/106 / EEC on construction products and implementing it into the Polish legal system by the Act of 16 April 2004. On building products (Dz. U. No. 92, item. 881), sets the partition walls can be marketed and used in construction works following an assessment of compliance with the European Technical Approval - marking the CE mark, the national Technical Approval - marking the building sign B.

    There are the following type of glass walls:
  • - fixed glass wall - installed without the intention of later changes its position in such a manner that it can not be remove without destruction;
  • - adjustable glass wall;
  • - installed with the intention of eventual, later transfer it to another place, and should therefore get dismantled and installed again without loss of performance and without the need for major repair, which is not a replacement ancillary components such as seals and fittings.

    The set of products glass wall consists mostly:
  • - a skeleton consisting of uprights and crossbars, made of steel or aluminum;
  • - frames and doors and windows indoor;
  • - filling in the form of single glass, glued or complex and chipboard, plasterboard or plastic;
  • - seals and rubber;
  • - moldings and glazing;
  • - fittings and connecting elements.


The issue of selecting the required type of glass is also regulated. To fill the glass partition wall segments can be used the following types of glass with a thickness of 6 to 12 mm.

Thermally toughened safety glass, complying with requirements of BS EN 12150-2: 2006 Glass in building. Thermally toughened safety glass soda lime silicate.

Laminated safety glass that meets the requirements of PN-EN ISO 12543-2: 2000. Glass in building. Laminated glass and laminated safety glass. Laminated safety glass.

Strengthened, complying with requirements of BS EN 1863-1: 2004 Glass in building. Heat strengthened soda lime silicate.

Glass components

The windows and doors that are part of the glass wall should has a glass components with fittings that conform to standard specifications and are to the weight and loads of the wings.

Laminated safety glass that meets the requirements of PN-EN ISO 12543-2: 2000. Glass in building. And laminated safety glass. Laminated safety glass.


The set of products to perform partition walls also includes seals for windows and finishing deposition and masking. Seals are subject to the requirements of DIN EN 12365-1: 2006 Building hardware. Seals and sealing strips for windows, doors, blinds and curtain walls. Part 1: performance requirements and classification.



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