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Glass safety railings self-supporting

Glass safety railings self-supporting

The basic criterion for safety glass balustrade is the right choice of glass.
,The minimum parameters minimum thickness of the glass VSG / ESG 8.8.4 consisting of two panes of hardened and bonded with four PVB films. These are the minimum requirements for glass in the all-glass railings.
Railings with glass self-supporting ESKATT
Glass canopies with safety glass TVG

Glass canopies with safety glass TVG

Glass canopies must be made of safety glass TVG gr. 8.8.4 in connecting with the substrings of stainless steel. The construction may be made of pipes, square or rectangular. Glass parameters are selected strictly by strength parameters of fixing the glass or the entire support structure.
Glass canopies - ES-SPOOT-IPE
Glass structures with glass ESG

Glass structures with glass ESG

Glass constructions type of boxes or wall glass should be made of tempered glass ESG minutes. 8mm to 16mm, depending on the dimensions of the whole glass wall. Another issue is the proper selection of connectors for glass, main profiles and the distance of glass from the construction, e.g. stainless steel construction.
Glass construction, glass boxes


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How to protect yourself before buying a wrong railings without risking your life and your loved ones?


How many times walking over to the railing we have the impression that for a moment we fall down from the platform or stairs? We feel that a piece of glass for the moment to break under the pressure of our body. This will happen if we use the wrong type of glass or apply the wrong thickness of the stainless steel. To protect yourself from defective installation of railings, we invite you to read our articles, which will advise on how to choose the right railing.

Selection of materials

The biggest problem of modern construction is wrong selection of materials for the production of safe systems, balustrades, canopies and glass wall. Only the suitable use of materials enable you to secure their use.

Free resources

For each order of railing systems, glass wall, canopies and steel construction you will get free materials for the take care of stainless steel. In addition, you will receive a printed version of the e-book "Safety Construction, railings, canopies and glass wall". We offer free measurement, design and visuals!

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